About Us

A long time ago, before the dawn of the internet, two young brothers decided to make a better guitar out of their bedroom. But that was not enough, for if they could make one guitar, why not a second? And then a third? And then a fourth? Soon, what started as a seemingly impossible challenge, became an inevitability, with guitars coming out of that little bedroom like clockwork. With each instrument, their wisdom and experience grew, along with their desire to take it further and further.

A few years down the line, enter two youngsters with a similar burning desire, a desire to play a better guitar, and to build one, if no better guitar can be found. Thus, the seeds of an idea took form in this small group of four.

Every musician deserves a beautiful instrument, an instrument that rejuvenates one’s desire to play each time it is picked up and the strings plucked. Just as no two musicians are alike and just as no two hands are the same, so should be a musician’s instrument. Thus a dream was born, to provide instruments of superb quality, built to and for the owner’s needs, preferences and personality. A tailor-fitted instrument, a physical manifestation of the vision of the player.

This is Indische Guitars and the Indische way.


Indische Guitars is a guitar and bass custom shop based in Kolkata, India. Run by a small team of four, we build bespoke instruments tailored to the needs of the player. 


Each instrument is painstakingly built by hand over several hundred man hours. Music is a labour of love and passion, and an instrument of music should reflect that in its build and ethos. 


What the player wants, the player gets. No fixed options, no limited selections. Wood, electronics, inlays, artwork, bracing, body style, you imagine it, you get it. No compromise, whatsoever. 


We do not simply cut wood to set shapes and numbers. Each instrument is a journey, a collaboration between player and luthier, to bring a musician’s vision to life in the shape of a unique one-of-a-kind instrument. 

The People Behind The Magic