Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What kind of guitars do you make?

A) Our builds revolve around, but are not exclusive to electric guitars, basses, acoustic, classical, flamenco guitars and ukuleles. We also take orders for specialty instruments such as electric uprights and cellos etc. Want something unique, off beat, that you might not even have a word for? Or do you want something a little more regular, but with a little twist of your own? Drop us a message here, we can make it a reality!

Q) What models do you have? What woods/hardware/electronics do you use?

A) We build custom instruments, each one crafted to the individual player’s preferences and needs. We do not believe in restricting the player’s choices with an “options list” or a set of fixed models. Any combination of wood, electronics, shape, inlays, etc. that is physically possible and can be imagined and envisioned by the player, we can build. From a simple old-school T-Type with vintage single coils and pastel colours, to something left field like an 8 string acoustic with lattice bracing, or something somewhere in between like a headless P-type bass with special sauce high output electronics, anything is possible. We give the player absolute freedom in dreaming up an instrument.

Our workshop stock covers a wide variety of woods from across the world. Woods not immediately in stock, we bring in on a per-build basis. What the owner wants, he/she gets, no compromise.

We work with a variety of third party electronics and hardware manufacturers (Seymour Duncan, EMG, Bareknuckle, Fender, Hipshot, Gotoh, just to name a few). Again, what the owner wants, we procure; we do not believe in limiting the player’s choices in any way.

We do have pre-built “ready to purchase” instruments available for sale, you can check them out here.

Q) How much does an Indische instrument cost?

A) Prices vary considerably due to the highly customized nature of each build. It is difficult to pin down a specific price when each instrument uses a different set of woods, electronics and hardware. Typically, one of our fixed bridge EMG/Seymour Duncan loaded Mahogany neck through guitars with Hipshot hardware will be in the region of 1950 USD/160,000 INR before shipping and case. Similarly, an Engelmann Spruce and Rosewood classical/acoustic will be around 1490 USD/122,000 INR. Note that these are approximate prices for a pair of reasonably popular combinations and price will vary on either side of this depending on the exact combination of woods/hardware/inlays/artwork etc requested. If you have a specific instrument in mind, contact us here.

Q) I am interested in a guitar with so and so specifications/a guitar that sounds like such and such. How do I get a quote?

A) Message us here with your specifications, or with a description of the kind of sound/feel/aesthetic you are after, and we will be in touch within a day or two with a quote. All quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Q) Can you guys ship an instrument to so and so location?

A) We ship worldwide. Each quote comes with estimates for shipping and case. Shipping is via DHL, and we recommend shipping in a Pelican or Nanuk Hardcase.

Q) How do I start a build?

A) To start a custom build, a minimum deposit (mentioned in the quote, usually 40-60% depending on build complexity) is required, with the remainder to be cleared before shipping. Alternatively, monthly payment plans are available. Payment plan builds require a minimum 30% down payment, with the monthly instalment to be decided based on final cost and target build time. During the build process, progress updates will be provided through email, or instant messaging (Discord, WhatsApp). An indicative digital render of the instrument will be provided at the start of the build.

Payments are accepted via PayPal and UPI.

Q) How long does it take to complete a build?

A) Usually 25-40 weeks. Build timeline and estimated shipping date will be mentioned in the quote. Note that complex/exotic builds may take longer to complete, and build times may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Any change in build time/shipping and packaging costs will be intimated to the client.

Q) When is the workshop open for a visit?

A) We are open Monday to Friday, from 11:30 AM to 7:30 PM. Let us know via Facebook/Instagram/email or phone if you plan to visit! You can get contact details here.